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Foresta celebrated the opening of its company office in Papamoa, New Zealand. The event was attended by forestry supply companies, offtake partners, local politicians and members of parliament, and local media as well as our board of directors, senior management, and company personnel. Oral presentations were given by our Managing Director, Ray Mountfort and Executive Chairman, Henry Cheng as well as local Member of Parliament Sam Uffindell MP for the seat of Tauranga from the National Party.

The support at the launch event from businesses, politicians and the community was tremendous and demonstrated the importance of Foresta’s mission to power New Zealand with sustainable biomass products, particularly given the NZ Government’s commitment to phase out coal completely by 2037. Finding a viable alternative energy supply to coal for high process heat is high on the agenda of all major stakeholders.

Whilst in New Zealand, the Board of Directors of Foresta took the opportunity to meet with the Board of Directors and Trustees of the PEKA Lands Trust, the Maori landowners of site at Rotorua, to build and strengthen the relationship.