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Wood Pellets

Torrefied Wood Pellets

Manufactured using world-class value-added processing technology combining and utilising all the tree resource, this unique and exclusive process  provides gains to the user with High Energy Output as a direct replacement of fossil fuels (coal) The torrefaction  process creates a solid uniform product with lower moisture and about 30% more energy than raw biomass.

Torrefied Wood Pellets


  • Higher energy content and grindability can improve boiler unit capacity, operability and economics.
  • Superior transportation and storage features. (outside bulk storage)
  • Sourced from renewal NZ forestry
  • Equivalent energy burn compared with coal.
  • Torrefied wood pellets superior properties can enable a low CapEx approach to a coal-biomass conversion
  • Emission reduction. Comparison with coal by weight, (CO2 -e) 95% reduction using torrefied black wood pellet.

Frequently Asked Questions

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