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We extract natural wood and gum rosin from Radiata Pine using steam distillation.

Found along with terpene in pine logs and stumps, wood and gum rosin is a highly sought-after material, used in various everyday products, from chewing gum to tires.

Wood rosin is extracted from the stumps of the Radiata pine tree and the gum rosin is extracted from the log.

We pride ourselves in producing natural pine rosin in its purest form, with zero additives.

Our highest grade of natural rosin is a product of distillation that only uses steam and does not come into contact with any external chemicals.



  •  A non crystallising rosin with a low Abietic Acid Content.
  • The ability to cook the rosin (without losing colour grades)
  • Consistency of supply and product.
  • High acid number (168-170)
  • Good pale yellow colour.
  • Good dropping point (73-74).
  • Zero sulphur or other chemical additives making it superior for use in catalyst reactions up the value chain.

Frequently Asked Questions

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