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In the realm of responsible forest management, maximising value for forest owners is not just about harvesting timber but entails a holistic approach. Foresta’s commitment goes beyond merely utilising the logs; we embrace a strategy that includes progressive harvesting and efficient slash utilisation.

Utilising 100% of the Tree: At Foresta, we pride ourselves on utilising every part of the tree, from stumps to slash, ensuring that no resource goes to waste. This approach is not only environmentally conscious but also economically beneficial for forest owners.

Resin Yield-based Stump Compensation: We recognise the value of stumps and compensate forest owners based on resin yield. This ensures a fair and transparent payment system that aligns with the overall productivity of the harvested trees.

Proper Slash Management: Effective slash management is crucial to prevent accidents, land slips, wildfires, or waterway contamination. Foresta employs a responsible approach by chipping and removing slash from the site. However, we also respect the preferences of landowners who choose to leave some slash for soil nutrient replenishment.

Reduced Harvesting Costs: Foresta contributes to reducing harvesting costs for forest owners. In the traditional log market, specific lengths and flawless logs are often required. However, when supplying to Foresta, forest owners can cut all logs to a uniform length (e.g., 6m), eliminating concerns about log imperfections and streamlining the harvesting process.

Post-Harvesting Cost Reduction: Traditional post-harvesting tasks, such as slash and debris cleanup, as well as land preparation for replanting, can be significant financial burdens for landowners. Foresta takes a proactive role in minimising these costs by not only removing slash but also potentially compensating landowners for it. This comprehensive approach makes land preparation for replanting more efficient and cost-effective.

Conclusion: Foresta’s commitment to maximising value for forest owners extends beyond the conventional timber market. By focusing on resin yield-based stump compensation, responsible slash management, and reducing harvesting and post-harvesting costs, we aim to provide a sustainable and economically viable solution for forest owners. Additionally, our dedication to utilising every part of the tree aligns with broader environmental goals, making Foresta a partner of choice for those seeking a balanced and responsible approach to forest management.

Rafael Moradei

Forestry Supply Manager