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Forestry Harvesting

Our company buys whole pine trees from forest owners and forest managers. We pay the equivalent market value of the log, whether it is an A Grade, saw log or a pulp log. We don’t leave any slash behind, unless required, which is the waste that is generated during current harvesting processes.
We have a process that we do prior to harvest that increases the chemical yield in the logs. This process, combined with our harvesting process, increases the overall harvested weight by as much as 10%. This means that forest owners get a higher return for their trees.
In addition to buying whole trees, we also remove stumps, where possible. This further reduces waste and helps to prepare the land for replanting. We understand the importance of financial return to our partners, and for every tree we cut, we are willing to plant another one. We aim to provide our partners with a consistent source of income while contributing to a cleaner, sustainable future for New Zealand.

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