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Bay of Plenty Project

Foresta’s first venture involves the establishment of a patented pine chemicals and torrefied wood pellet production facility in the Bay of Plenty. Upon completion, the facility will have the capacity to produce 57,000 metric tonnes per annum of chemicals and 216,000 tonnes per annum of black wood pellets.


Foresta’s has advanced orders for 80% of our products from the first manufacturing facility. Black wood pellet production from the Stage 1AA and Stage 1A is fully committed to Tailored Energy Resources Limited (Tailored Energy), who have signed a contract for up to 65,000 tonnes of black wood pellets per annum, on a 10 plus 2 year contract, at NZD$352 per tonne (at mill gate) (up to 780,000 tonnes total over the contract period). The Terpene chemicals production is approximately 50% committed to Yasuhara Chemical Co Ltd who have signed an offtake agreement for 5,000 tonnes of essential oils at market rates. The rosin will be sold through international traders and agents.


Foresta have built an outstanding team of professionals to deliver this project. More than $19 million has been invested over the last 2 years, with respect to purchases of plant and equipment along with building the team that will deliver this project. During this time, we have obtained supply chain agreements including sustainable pine wood supply, equipment and processing supply and installation, sales and marketing with supporting contracts and agreements and solid experienced management and corporate governance.


We have sourced leading consultants to carry out the required design and regulatory consents to enable the project to succeed. These consultants will also be engaged to monitor construction and plant commissioning, where required.



Foresta’s goal is to manufacture 2.1 million tonnes of torrefied wood pellets (black wood pellets), sourced from renewable pine plantations, to provide an alternative energy solution for coal, which New Zealand consumes 2.1 million tonnes of every year. [1] Coal consumption contributes approximately 5% of New Zealand’s total annual greenhouse gas emissions.


Foresta filed a new technology patent with IP Australia (Australian Provisional Patent Application 2023902101). This patent application protects the invention that integrates the company’s patented organic solvent extraction process together with its wood pellet and torrefied wood pellet production process.

This invention delivers significant process synergies that will enable lower production costs, making this the world first patented integrated manufacturing process. This exciting development underpins the technologies that the company has developed for its initial integrated processing plant in Bay of Plenty, New Zealand, that will enable the manufacture of torrefied wood pellets alongside natural rosins and terpene chemicals.

Foresta is now taking investment into our Bay of Plenty based manufacturing project. This is a site-based New Zealand Limited Partnership (LP). Contact us at [email protected] for more information.